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Tech for Teachers

I have PBS/WXXI on my Facebook because, well, I think they’re awesome. The other day, what popped up but a link to a new article, “How to Get the Most Out of Tech Tools for Teaching“.  Susan Currie Sivek gives her personal account of using various technologies from the perspective of a teacher. 

The majority of technologies she used with an iPad and/or Mac (neither of which I actually own), such as the Attendance App that let her take pictures of her students.  I thought this was a great feature because it can help on a number of levels.  It makes attendance easy because you can run through the list visually see that all of your students are there, and it’s a great way to learn students names.

There were some that really struck me as a “why didn’t they think of this before”.  Caffeine, for instance, keeps screens lit during presentations and movies.

My new favorite, which is not necessarily just for teachers, is Unsubscribe.com.  You download it for your inbox, and it actually sends an unsubscribe e-mail for you to the places from which you indicate you don’t want e-mails.

These tools seem pretty simple to learn.  For me, at least.  The article is part of a series, and also links to Professor Sivek’s personal blog.


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